06 August, 2007

Interview with my Flickr friend Laurie (Fouramjava)

1. How did you first get interested in photography? And are you self taught?

It was flickr that got me really interested. I really wasn't taking all that many pics until I found out I was missing out on a lot of photo opportunities in my own local area. Yes - I am self-taught. I haven't even bothered to read the owner's manual. I like the fact that I can just point and shoot.

2. Do you have a favorite walk around lens? If so, what is it?

My Sony H2 has one one lens. I am hoping to get the DSLR Sony Alpha 100 so I can get different lenses.

3. What equipment and software do you use?

I have Corel Paintshop Pro 7 but I am quite happy with making any necessary changes through my HP printer. I never seem to have enough time to alter my photos all that often.

4. Which one item of equipment is the most important for you?

My camera! I take it with me wherever I go. Even when I'm working in the gardens, I have it with me.

5. How do you decide on locations and subjects?

That's easy. We have several gardens around our home. There are plenty of local sites of interest so I never have to go very far for photo opportunities. Nature is my favorite subject - always different and never the same.

6. What are your favorite subjects to photograph?

Flowers, butterflies and insects are at the top of my list. I really think they hold so many interesting details, colors and textures.

7. What continues to inspire you as a photographic artist?

My flickr friends, of course! Each has their own unique style and flair to their photography, and I have learned a great deal from them. It's also fun to see everyone continue to bloom into even more professional photographers.

8. What is the one thing that you have not captured on camera you feel you need to express?

I would like to get into outdoor portrait photography. I really enjoy outdoor lighting. I think a lot of equipment and a studio would take away from the pleasure of the shoot. I know I am missing out on a lot of shots by not having a telephoto or wide-angle lens.

9. What other artists have influenced your work?

My flickr friends have been the greatest influence! I have various photography books but to have "live" artists who I can bounce off ideas and contact them personally is the best. I have learned so much from my friends - they are so good about sharing tips and techniques.

10. What other talents do you possess besides photography? And is there another area of talent you would like to explore?

I am a self-taught artist and calligrapher but haven't done any "real" art for over a year. Since I found out how much I had been missing over the years, missing so many photo opportunities, it was time to shift gears and get serious with the camera. I think the next step would be to take nature videos. I am always inspired by the nature shows on TV.

11. Have you met other flick rites in person, and how was the experience?

Not yet, but I have many friends I hope to visit in the next couple of years. Right now it's just great to keep in touch via their photostreams, chatting through emails and phone calls.

12. Any words of advice for those who would like to dig deeper into photography?

When you take a pic of a subject, take 25. Sometimes you might only get one two good ones. With a flower, for example, shoot at various angles, in different light, with different settings. Zoom in and out to find the best depth of field. For nature shots, take them in the early morning or on overcast days.

13. Of all the photos you've taken, what is your favorite and why?

Last summer I was able to witness the birth of a Monarch. I spent hours waiting patiently for it to break through the chrysalis. I must have taken over 100 shots. To be able to witness the miracle of birth is always an amazing event. To watch it come out of a tiny package and watch it's wings open up into a huge butterfly was an incredible experience.


14. If you could change anything on flickr, what would it be?

I think the security on flickr is suboptimal. Too many people have left flickr, or have make their pics private due to hacking and theft. Even with using the copyright logo there is no guarantee that your pic is safe. It's truly sad that people can't just ask for permission, or ask if their photos are for sale.

I want to mention that everyone should do a Google search of their user name and see where their pics appear. I guess I don't have a problem if my pic links back to my photostream.

These are the photos that Laurie want to show us in this interview:

1) Anticipation

2) Time to chill out

3) How do they do that ?

Thanks to Laurie for her kindness and for sharing with us her flower kingdom.

angie_real aka Angela Lobefaro

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Dar said...

Great interview...thanks Angela and Laurie for sharing that with us. Laurie is truly an amazing photographer..inspirational