31 August, 2008

Sleeping Beauties

taken for the boat to Ko Yao

very nice trip with so many photo opportunities


28 August, 2008

Where is Friday when i need Him ?

a joke about Crusoe work's

Kantiang Bay - Ko Lanta - Thailand

22 August, 2008

The Day After (we arrive) ;-)

A Very special sunset in Phi Phi Island in Thailand, no PS


21 August, 2008

Obscure Symbology

The light was so good in this church and the symbols so powerful that i must shoot, but only 2, then i feel i must left


A New Hope

We really need a new hope every day


20 August, 2008


X-Sunset, originally uploaded by angie_real © Angela Lobefaro ..

a special sunset in Phi Phi Island


17 August, 2008

We are ready to take off!

taken in the butterfly museum in Phuket! Great museum filled with thousand of butterflies flying around you, truly an experience.


16 August, 2008

Souls Restoration Point

a small sea gipsy port, very cozy and quiet, kind of surreal place with no one in sight.

Ko Yao - Thailand

15 August, 2008

Full Moon over Kantiang Bay

Full Moon over Kantiang Bay - Ko Lanta - Thailand

14 August, 2008

Just Me

Just Me, originally uploaded by angie_real © Angela Lobefaro.

just me playing on the beach of Ko Yao - Thailand

12 August, 2008

Ko Lanta from the Lighthouse

a great panorama made with hugin from three shots for You!

09 August, 2008

At Center of Me

© Angela M. Lobefaro

taken in Koh Lanta, Thailand. June 2008

The day after we saw this trunk in open sea between Ko Lanta and Ko Haa,
strange, isn't it?

My Most interesting photos for a guy called Isaias

05 August, 2008

Return to The Pirate Cove

This was a hopeless shot at first sight, but you never know...


03 August, 2008

1 2 3 Gooooo

Bamboo Island near Phi Phi

This photo evocate a great sense of freedom and joy of life to me



One of the most powerful and emotionating sunset of my life, it become all red, see the other sunset here on my Flickr stream.


02 August, 2008

Taxiiiii, Taxiiiiii

a fun shot from Ko Yao - Thailand