25 January, 2010

Ricetto Platinum Edition

taken in Candelo (5 km from our home) - Piedmont, Italy -
During a nice walk with Claudio

Mediavel Battle: Video of a movie taken here

RIcetto di Candelo
Ricetto (RECEPTUM)

One of the most meaningful and beautiful European Fortified Receptums
The fortified construction was orginally built as a village, and the building plan was dated 1160 a.d.
It was built by the people of Candelo from 1300 till the beginning of 1400 a.d.
It was used as a Receptum (a fortified place to hide) in times of war, and as a food storage location in times of peace

In this mediaeval village many movies have been filmed.
Candelo, Biella, Piedmont, Italy
5 km from where I live

Nel cuore della Biella medievale
Qui sono state girate per esempio le puntatate della "Freccia Nera" 1 e 2, e molti altri film.
I Ricetti, originali, in Italia sono molto rari, piu' info le forniro' in seguito con le altre foto...
comunque qui c'e' un link: www.atl.biella.it/arte/ricetto/ricetto.html

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