17 October, 2007

Interview with my Flickr friend Gary (*Gary)

1. How did you first get interested in photography? And are you self taught?

I first got interested in photography at art college, processing my own shots in the darkroom for projects. Yes I am self taught, I just see things I like and capture them as I see. Being a graphic designer, I have experience in composition I guess.

2. Do you have a favourite walk around lens? If so, what is it?
My Canon 17-85mm IS USM is pretty versatile and I would never be without my 50mm prime lens.

3. What equipment and software do you use?
Canon 40D. Canon 17-85mm, 50mm prime and 100mm Macro. I now shoot only RAW and process in Photoshop CS3.

4. Which one item of equipment is the most important for you?
My hip flask! Oh and my brain.

5. How do you decide on locations and subjects?
Well subjects is generally anything to do with nature, locations tends to be wherever I am at the time, though I am lucky to have some great locations in bedfordshire where I live.

6. What are your favorite subjects to photograph?
Nature, trees, rivers, sunlight, flower macro's, seasons and wildlife.

7. What continues to inspire you as a photographic artist?
Mother nature mostly, it never ceases to amaze me with it's ever-changing beauty.

8. What is the one thing that you have not captured on camera you feel you need to express?
I would like to do more wildlife and will when I get my 300mm lens soon, also I would like to start doing more long exposure work.

9. What other artists have influenced your work?
I tend not to be influenced by others, but I do admire many artists here on flickr. Strange though it seems, I get great inspiration from music, particularly Beethoven, Pat Metheny, Miles Davis, I also love the paintings of William Turner, his use of light was second to none.

10. What other talents do you possess besides photography? And is there another area of talent you would like to explore?
I am pretty good at my job in design, I play a good game of chess, keep tropical fish and cook quite well, I also enjoy fishing. I always regretted not learning an instrument like the piano when I was younger, so I would like to explore that.

11. Have you met other flick rites in person, and how was the experience?
No I haven't met any in person, though I have made many good friends here. I tend to use photography to get away from it all, it's my quality time alone, though I do shoot with my brother sometimes.

12. Any words of advice for those who would like to dig deeper into photography?
Just to enjoy it, don't take it too seriously and shoot what your comfortable with and enjoy best.

13. Of all the photos you've taken, what is your favorite and why?
The sunset shot of the horse riders was sheer luck but I love it, I was so excited to get back to process that one, I also like the sheep in a shower, because it was a memorable moment.

14. If you could change anything on flickr, what would it be?
I would ditch explore, it effects too many people in a negative way, they become obsessed with it and I see alot of fighting talk about it in the forums, I think it stops some enjoying the real reason of flickr and thats the love of photography, sharing and friendships.

These are the photos that Gary want to show us:

1) Sheep In A Spring Shower

2) Proud

3) Dreams to remember

Thanks to Gary for his quick reply, his kindness and for being a good Flickr friend

Gary's profile on Flickr

Angela Lobefaro aka angie_real

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