09 September, 2007

Interview with my Flickr friend Gernot (The Father)

1. How did you first get interested in photography ? and are you self taught ?

When i was 14 my father gave me his camera (no automatic) to take some pictures and i shot the whole film with 36 pictures. my father was not amused, for i shot every detail and not the persons he expected.

2. Do you have a favorite lens?


3. What equipment and software do you use ?

I use a 3 year old lumix (no special lenses or filters) and photoshop, since 3 days version CS3.

4. Which one item of equipment is the most important for you ?

I only have a camera, a flash and a tripod and in 99 % i only use the camera.

5. How do you decide on locations and subjects ?

I'm spontaneous, most by driving car in the region i live. in my before flickr times i only took pictures in vacancy. one of my sons saw this pictures and signed me up at flickr. he gave me my flickr name.

6. What are your favorite subjects to photograph ?

I like buildings, landscapes and details.

7. What continues to inspire you as a photographic artist ?

I'm no artist, but i think, it's a wonderful occasional hobby.

8. What is the one thing that you have not captured on camera you feel you need to express?

There is no certain thing, but i think i should capture more people.

9. What other artists have influenced your work ?

I am a bloody uninfluenced amateur and am green-red-blind.

10. What other talents do you possess besides photography ? And is there another area of talent you would like to explore ?

In the last 22 years i made texts, directing and performances in a musical cabaret and i like to draw (to less time).
I'd like to write humorist poems, perhaps a book.

11. Have you met other flick rites in person, and how was the experience ?

The experiences were good, for i like diversity.

12. Any words of advice for those who would like to dig deeper into photography ?

No, an amateur cannot give any advices.

13. Of all the photos which is your favorite ?

it's my pic "big wheel", uploaded from my son. it was uploaded on new member blog and the beginning of a wonderful hobby: to make photos.

14. If you could change anything on Flickr, what would it be ?

No censorship for Germans.

These are the photos that The Father want to show us in this interview:

Thanks to Gernot for showing us a little of his world and for being a great and supportive Flickr member.

Angie_real aka Angela Lobefaro

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