01 September, 2011

Unexpected Outcome

© Angela M. Lobefaro
All Rights Reserved

taken in Valdengo - Piedmont - Italy

taken with a 85 mm Jupiter-9 at f2

If you need a 85mm fast prime, there is not a wide choice of M42 lenses. The most famous is the Helios 40 (85mm f/1.5) But this lens is not a low cost item for your DSLR because it is to much hyped. Certainy because of it's vintage(and massive) look.

So the alternative is the Jupiter 9. This short telephoto (85mm) russian lens is opticaly based on the Carl Zeiss 85 Sonnar. This is a pre-war optical formula.

We can consider it as a fast prime lens because of it's wide aperture (f/2.0)

For portraiture wide opened you will get a very small dept of field (just on eye!)


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