14 March, 2010

Looking at old Things in New Ways

© Angela M. Lobefaro

RIcetto di Candelo
Ricetto (RECEPTUM)

Between the most meaningful and beautiful European Fortified Receptum.
Fortified construction built as village, building plan dated 1160 a.d.
built from the people of Candelo from 1300 till beginning of 1400 a.d.
Used as "Receptum" fortified village to hide, in was times, and as a food storage location in peace times.

These walls were constructed with stones from the local streams.

In this mediaeval village many movies have been filmed.
Candelo, Biella, Piedmont, Italy
5 km from where I live

Nel cuore della Biella medievale
Qui sono state girate per esempio le puntatate della "Freccia Nera" 1 e 2, e molti altri films.
I Ricetti, originali, in Italia sono molto rari, piu' info le forniro' in seguito con le altre foto...
comunque qui c'e' un link: www.atl.biella.it/arte/ricetto/ricetto.html

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